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Welcome   to   Andy's   Homepage!

Welcome feeble minded earthling! Come in and rest a while! You are now officially on what used to be Andy's Page on the 'net, however it is now under the control of me, Brain and my fearless assistant Pinky! Whaddya mean it don't look like much? Andy's mind has been under our control for days now so as the saying goes, "This page is under domination", albeit not as bad as it once was! But stick around 'cos it will get a whole lot better, just you wait! In the meantime why not check out some (if not all) of the amazing links below while you prepare for your annihilation! Ha Ha HA HA!!

All together now! green bottles hanging on the wall...

You want links? I'll give you links!

Vicious Circles
How to keep an idiot amused for hours!
Friends Websites
I refer you to the distinguished opinion of my good friend....
Musical links
What's that Sir? You want music? Certainly Sir step right this way...
Kevin Phillips Booonnnnggg!!
Sllllightly Silly Page of links
The Junk Yard
If you can't find something anywhere else then it might just be here!
The Hall of Shame
The original and best rogues gallery around!
The Official Colossal Dump Website
The official home of one of the most creative new bands around!