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Below is a list of links to friends' websites. They're (mostly) all good people although I cannot be held personally responsible for the content of their pages which may make you laugh, offend you or just bore you rigid. Try them all at least once or you'll not know what you're missing!

ATTENTION: PUBLIC APOLOGY: It has been brought to the attention of the maintainers of this page that the description for Dominic Wood's site caused distress to one Mrs. Ephgrave. We would like to take this oppertunity to stress that it was never our aim to offend and we hope that the situation has now been remedied.

Should you wish to lodge a complaint then please contact:


So here we have in no particular order...

Matt's page
Much Star Trek related japery but don't hold that against him! Cos there's a cool Beavis animation too!
Big bad Dom's page
Dom is a quality kind of guy, this is a quality kind of page. Nuff said.
Alvin's page
Very ambitious effort from the boy Vincent though why he chooses to call himself after an 80s pop failure is beyond me!
Mark's "Dump" site
The official website of one of the hottest new talent's around!
Franky's Page
You know the score by now; it's Dodgy but it has the, by now, infamous thought of the day.
Dave's page
He's mean, he's lean he likes to vent his spleen...yes ladies and gents, 'tis the return of the Muppet!
Zo's page
Enter the mad, mad world of Zoe but it's sunglasses at the ready for her "soon to be massive" Yellow Page!
Jo's page
Or should that be Wilma/Lime Girl/Big Kneed One/Queen of Cheese? Visit it anyway 'cos she's a daarling!
Annabel's Page
WARNING!: you are entering an IRC infested zone, proceed with extreme caution!

Wow! people didn't think I had any friends!

Tell me about it!