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Welcome to the Official Colossal Dump Homepage!

Maintained by DumpCo PLC (Edinburgh branch)

Welcome to the official homepage of Colossal Dump, one of the most innovative and creative new bands around. They manage to seamlessly merge classic rock with a slack bluesy feel to come up with a sound that is truly their very own. The band started off about three years ago when they gathered at the now infamous Valley Road recording studio for an impromptu session...

The 'Classic' Dump line up:

Toby Frost - vocals/ sax/ kazu

Mark Pittam - vocals/ drums/ percussion/ guitar/ bass

Col Davis - guitar/ "vocals"

Jim Prowse - guitar/ all round vibes/ backing vocals

Tim George - bass/ vocals/ tech

Andy Crichton - drums/ percussion/ guitar/ backing vocals/ "geeky computer stuff"

Plus the following additional session players:

Matt Ephgrave - flesh organ/ vibes(!)

Dom Wood - bass

Julia Watts - 2nd sax

Vic Jenkins - keyboards/ hair

Ian Fitzgerald - THAT drum beat

"Since I started listening to these guys' music I get all the birds" - says Michael (Athens GA)

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